Your web site is a visual communication tool that should accurately represent your business and/or personality. When consumers visit your web site, you get 5 seconds for a first impression. They want information, they want it now, and if you don’t have it, they will find your competitor who does.

When you contract LightSPARK Digital Designs to work with you on designing your web site, we go through the following process with you to ensure a professional web site design and service:

  1. Consultation
    We speak with you in depth about what you are looking for in a design, what your web site's goals are, and what you want visitors to do while at your site. Once this is determined, we begin to create mockup designs for your site.
  2. Mockups
    From all of the notes and ideas from the consultation stage, we create three different designs for you to choose from. Each design will meet your goals for the site, while still allowing for accessibility in the design.
  3. Content Writing
    You can choose to supply the content, or you can contract us to write it for you. At this stage of the process, we check over the content that is approved by you for search engine friendliness, as well as marketability. We will make suggestions on keywords/keyword density, and work with you to enhance the content where it needs it.
  4. First Draft of Site
    We take the mockup and content and begin putting them together for you to approve. Any changes to the navigation and content are done, and the site is shown to you for sign-off approval.
  5. Launch
    We upload your site to your chosen hosting server, make sure everything is running smoothly, and fix any bugs we run across.

    This is the time that you begin announcing the site to everyone you know. From here we recommend our Search Engine Optimization Services, to begin the process of building your search engine presence and continue the process we have started with your site. Get more information on our Search Engine Optimization Services.


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