The HTML Writers GuildThe International Webmasters Association
Provides and fosters professional advancement opportunities among individuals dedicated to or pursuing a Web career, and works diligently to enhance their effectiveness, image, and professionalism as they attract and serve their clients and employers.

The Link List is a group of web designers, virtual assistants, programmers, etc. who had a desire to be affiliated with each other and at the same time provide a resource to the internet community. View the members list.

The Women Designers Group is dedicated to helping women succeed in technology. We are women web designers, graphic artists, web developers, and programmers from every corner of the globe. We all come from different walks of life but with one common goal, to learn more and share our knowledge with others.

Group of Search Engine Optimization Specialists, Web Designers and Enthusiasts who are dedicated to learning about SEO.

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Online Network for the Web Development Community